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    Striving to Defending workers Rights

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    Welcome to Kungwini Amalgamated Workers Union - The Union of choice!

  1. What is Kawu?
    Kungwini Amalgamated Workers Union KAWU Is the biggest trade union in the security sector, in South Africa. We fought and won employees rights and improved their wages and working conditions and is working hard to stop retrenchments and closures KAWU will defend members.
    We promote or defend the socio-economic interests of workers.
  2. Who can join Kawu?
    Security sector – if you Provide or work for any security company, armed or unarmed etc.
    Motor sector – if you work in a garage as a mechanic or petrol attendant, or if you sell cars, or parts for motor cars and if you make car parts
    Gambling sector – if you work for any casinos or sports betting company
    Hospitality sector – if you work for hotels, tourism
    All sectors are welcome – Security, Cleaning, Construction
  3. What benefits do i get if I Join Kawu?
    Shop stewards at each and every workplace are supported up by full-time officials in our offices across the country and will:

    • Defend your rights at work
    • Take up your grievances
    • Represent you in disciplinary and appeal hearings as soon as you become a member
    • Fight unfair labour practices, retrenchments and all forms of discrimination
    • Bargain to improve your wages and working conditions


To fight against arbitrary and unfair dismissal of workers and to encourage the settlement of disputes between members and employers or employer’s organization by conciliation, mediation and arbitration

To resist retrenchment and fight for full employment